Family and Friends

The team at The Loft understand that having a loved one who has a mental illness is extremely confronting and challenging for family members.  As a family member it is often difficult to know how to best help your loved one or what is the right avenue of assistance to follow.  It is thus extremely important that family and friends are supported during their loved ones journey toward wellness.

The Hills Clinic runs a family information evening.  These sessions focus on providing information to assist family and friends in understanding mental illness and how to support a loved one experiencing such an issue.  Topics focus on depression, anxiety and addictions.  These sessions are run by an experienced psychologist who will also provide a question/answer component to the session.

A specialised family therapist is also available for private consultation through our out-patient clinic. If your treating doctor identifies that additional assistance would be beneficial to your family, this can be arranged for you.

Finally Families are welcome to meet with the treating psychiatrist and will be provided times and availability to be able to make appointments . Family and friends can be assured that at all times your loved one is being provided the best care to assist them in their journey to wellness.